O Programa Nacional de Treinamento de Laboratório de Verão do Centro Nacional de Pesquisa do Câncer (CNIO) 2019 para Estudantes de Graduação - Madri, Espanha (Totalmente Financiado)

Prazo de inscrição: Março 31st 2019

O Centro Nacional de Pesquisa do Câncer Espanhol (CNIO) anuncia vagas para 8 para estudantes de graduação para trabalhar em um laboratório no CNIO durante o verão.

O programa vai de junho, 24 até agosto 16, 2019, e está aberto a estudantes de graduação de qualquer nacionalidade que tenham passado pelo menos 2 / 3 do total de créditos (cursos ou exames) necessários para uma graduação relacionada à Biomedicina. Licenciatura (Biologia, Biomedicina, Bioquímica, Farmacologia, Bioinformática).


-You must have passed at least 2/3 of the total credit points (courses or exams) required for a Life Sciences or Biomedicine-related undergraduate degree (in any country).

2-You must maintain your undergraduate student status throughout thewhole summer programme (June 24 to August 16, 2019).

3-You must have an excellent academic track record witha Grade Point Average (GPA) above 0.75 (with your GPA as the numerator and the highest possible GPA as the denominator).

4-You must have a good knowledge of English.

5-You must be available from June 24 to August 16 (8 weeks) to attend the training programme. If you cannot be at the CNIO during this period,you will not be eligible for the programme


Travel expenses and meals at the CNIO cafeteria will be covered for summer training programme students during their stay at the centre. In addition, students without public health assistance benefits in Spain will be covered with a private health insurance provided by the CNIO for the same period of time (8 weeks).

Each student will be matched with a specific laboratory based on the student’s interest and background. The student will be working under the supervision of the group/unit leader or a member of the research group. The participants will attend a series of seminars given by faculty members and researchers from the CNIO. Students will be required to present the results of their summer projects at the end of the programme.

Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis taking into consideration the student’s academic record and letter of motivation


Apenas aplicativos on-line serão considerados.

To apply go to https://www.cnio.es/en/education-and-career-development/career-development-programmes/laboratory-training-programme-undergraduate-summer-sessio/and complete the application form, choosing threelaboratories in the order of preference.

Please attach your CV in pdf format;doc and rtf formats are also accepted. Please note that the size of this document must not exceed 1MB.

Only shortlisted candidateswill be asked tosend the following documents by e-mail to [Email protegido]:

1.Two letters of recommendation

2.Copy of an official Transcript of Records, Academic Transcript or Certification, stating the number of credits passed

3.Copy of the National Identity Card or Passport4.Proof of having a valid health insurance, whether public or private, during the whole summer stay. Citizens from countries issuing the European Health Card (EHC), including Spanish nationals, must present this documentation.

Para maiores informações:

Visite a página oficial do programa de treinamento de laboratório de verão da CNIO 2019


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