OECD Video Competition XNUMX (Fully Funded to MENA Regional Conference on Youth Participation and Public Life in Amman, Jordan)

Prazo de inscrição: XNUMX:XNUMX (Paris time) on XNUMX November XNUMX

Are you interested in being more engaged in the public life of your city? Do you feel young people want to participate more in the public decision-making of their cities and neighbourhoods, but find it difficult to be heard? Do you feel public policies and services could better respond to the needs of youth?

Make a short video (XNUMX seconds max) that answers the question: “How can your local government* strengthen engagement with young people?”

O projeto "Youth in Public Life: Towards an Open and Inclusive Youth Engagement” is implemented by the MENA-OECD Governance Programme with the support of the GXNUMX Deauville Partnership MENA Transition Fund. It supports Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan in strengthening public governance arrangements for young men and women to engage in public life.

In the framework of the project, the Presidency of the Government and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of Tunisia organises in co-operation with the OECD the high-level regional youth conference on XNUMX-XNUMX November XNUMX in Tunis.


The conference will bring together representatives from youth ministries, public decision-makers from the cen­tral and local level, youth associations, non-governmental organisations and young people from MENA and OECD member countries to exchange good practices and lessons learned on how to increase youth participation at the local level and how public policies and services at the local level can better respond to the actual needs of young men and women.


  • Your video must be no more than XNUMX seconds (XNUMX minute XNUMX seconds) in length.
  • Any spoken language used in your video that is not English or French must be accompanied by subtitles in English or French.
  • Seu vídeo não deve conter violência, profanidade, sexo ou ataques diretos a indivíduos ou organizações. Qualquer entrada considerada ofensiva será imediatamente desqualificada.
  • Your video must be your own original creation – no copyrighted music, video, sounds or images may be used.
  • Seu vídeo não deve infringir direitos de terceiros.
  • Your video must not have been produced for compensation or posted previously on any OECD Web page.

O Prêmio

A plataforma Olymp Trade é acessível de três formas. Primeiro, há a versão na web, que você pode acessar através de seu website principal. Segundo, há o aplicativo para desktop para Windows e macOS. Este aplicativo possui recursos adicionais para aqueles que você encontrará na versão da web. Por fim, a Olymp Trade também pode ser acessada por aplicativos móveis para Smartphones iOS e Android. video author (or a single nominated representative if a team or group creation) of the winning video will be invited to attend the MENA Regional Conference on Youth Participation and Public Life in Amman (Jordan), Automn XNUMX. Travel costs to and from Amman, hotel accommodation and a daily living allowance will be provided for the duration of the above-mentioned Conference.

Para maiores informações:

Visit the Official Webpage of the OECD Video Competition XNUMX


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