International Development Research Center (IDRC) Prémios de Investigação Doutoral 2019 / 2020 para estudo no Canadá (Totalmente Financiado)

Prazo de inscrição: Maio 23rd, 2019.

IDRC is now accepting applications for this year’s IDRC Doctoral Research Awards (IDRA).

This call is open to Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and citizens of developing countries pursuing doctoral studies at a Canadian university. These awards are intended for field research in developing countries to improve the lives of people in the developing world.

Requisitos de elegibilidade:

Para ser elegível, você deve atender aos seguintes requisitos:

  • You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or a citizen of a developing country, excluding countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia (but including Afghanistan).
  • You must be enrolled at a Canadian university at the doctoral level (when you submit your application, you must have completed several courses of the doctoral program, but not necessarily all courses).
  • Sua proposta de pesquisa deve ser aprovada pelo seu supervisor de tese. Por favor, forneça a prova.
  • Your proposed field research must take place in one or more developing countries and be conducted for a doctoral dissertation.
  • Your field research must correspond to Prioridades temáticas do IDRC. Applications proposing field research outside these thematic areas will not be considered.
  • Você deve fornecer evidência de afiliação a uma instituição ou organização na (s) região (ões) em desenvolvimento em que a pesquisa ocorrerá.
  • Você deve ter concluído o curso e passou por exames abrangentes antes de assumir o prêmio.
  • You may not be in receipt of two or more active IDRC awards at the same time. No time overlaps will be permitted.

Critério de avaliação

Applications that are complete, that meet the eligibility criteria, and whose research subjects are deemed to fit with IDRC thematic priorities will be forwarded to an IDRC selection committee. External evaluators may occasionally be involved.

Using the criteria listed below, the IDRC selection committee will rate each application and will identify successful awardees, ensuring that the selection of awards represents all three IDRC program areas. Some awards may be made conditionally, i.e. the candidate will be sent comments which must be addressed before the award can be confirmed.

Note that no comments will be provided to unsuccessful candidates, even those who intend to reapply a second time.

Os critérios a seguir serão usados ​​para avaliar aplicativos:

  • Fit with IDRC mission and thematic priorities;
  • Overall appropriateness, completeness, quality, and clarity of the research proposal;
  • Overall methodology and considerations of cultural, logistical, and scientific constraints;
  • Overall feasibility, duration, and timing of the research;
  • Originality and creativity of the research;
  • Potential contribution to existing knowledge on the issue;
  • Gender dimensions of the research;
  • Ethical considerations of the research;
  • Benefit to the communities where the research is taking place;
  • Suitability of the affiliated institution;
  • Potential for research results to be disseminated and used;
  • Budget;
  • Applicant’s capacity to conduct the proposed research, including academic training, local language capacity, professional skills, research experience, and knowledge of country/region of research.

Mais detalhes

Before applying, please read the following documents:

If you still have a question after reading all of the above, you may contact us at [Email protegido].

NB: Inquiries will be answered up until two working days before the competition deadline, i.e. until 4:00 PM EDT, May 21, 2019. Technical inquiries about difficulties encountered in the online application system should also be directed to [Email protegido]. Please note in your subject line that you are applying for the IDRC Doctoral Research Awards.

Para maiores informações:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IDRC Doctoral Research Awards 2019/2020


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