Ford-Mozilla Fellowship Program 2019/2020 for Open Web Advocacy (USD$ 60,000 Stipend)

Prazo de inscrição: Março 3rd 2019

The Mozilla Fellows program – a collaboration between the Fundação Ford e Mozilla – is an international leadership initiative that brings together the best emerging technology talent and civil society organizations to advance and protect the open internet.

A cada ano, os bolsistas gastam 10 meses incorporados nas principais organizações de defesa para proteger a Internet aberta como um recurso público global. O programa fornece um ecossistema para a próxima geração de defensores da Internet aberta para causar um impacto inicial, enquanto cresce para os líderes capazes de que precisamos à medida que as ameaças à liberdade digital proliferam.

This application is appropriate for organizations who would like to host a Mozilla Fellow for the 2019-2020 fellowship year (October 2019 – September 2020)


The funding for each fellow is based on multiple considerations, including profession, discipline, geographic location, and others. The base stipend for researchers and technology activists is $60,000 USD and is adjusted for location and other considerations.

Similarly, the base stipend for policy professionals is $90,000 USD and is adjusted for location and other considerations. Fellows are provided additional benefits, such as funding to support health care, childcare, fellowship-related travel, equipment, and project costs.

The Mozilla Fellowship is building the next wave of internet health leaders, and the program depends on a large community of collaborators, partners, advisors, civil service organizations and funders.

Ford Foundation and Mozilla are accepting applications from organizations eager to host a Mozilla Fellow. If you’re an organization championing internet health, Aplique.

Agora no seu quinto ano, o Mozilla fellowship program pairs talented, passionate technologists with like-minded organizations. The fellowship’s goal: to fuel the internet health movement by matching fellows with host organizations with synchronous interests, where they will find mentorship and work alongside each other fighting for digital rights.

This year, the organizers are particularly interested in partnering with host organizations whose missions or projects align with Mozilla’s latest impact goal: “better machine decision making,” or ensuring artificial intelligence is developed with ethics, responsibility, and accountability in mind. Better machine decision making is a critical issue in the civil society sector. The digital tools that are gaining more control over our lives have the potential to create a more equitable world. But if these tools aren’t designed and trained responsibly, they can instead deepen existing inequalities and divisions.

More broadly, host organizations should be working on initiatives related to online privacy or security; openness; decentralization, digital inclusion; and/or web literacy.

Fellows embed at their host organization for 10 months, where they can collaborate with organizations and work on research, advocacy efforts, strategic input, and more. Ford and Mozilla provide fellows with a competitive stipend and benefits.

O prazo de inscrição é Domingo, Março 3, 2019. You can apply aqui.

Para saber mais, visite ou e-mail [Email protegido]. Have questions about the application itself? See the host partner FAQs here.

Para maiores informações:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Ford-Mozilla Fellowship Program 2019


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