Iniciativa Africana de Educação Empresarial para Jovens (Iniciativa ABE) 2019 Programa de Mestrado e Estágio para Africanos (Totalmente Financiado para o Japão).

Prazo de inscrição: novembro 30th 2018

At the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), held in Yokohama in 2013, the Japanese government stated its policy of strengthening support for the ongoing dynamic growth of Africa with stronger public-private partnerships. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the “African Business Education Initiative for Youth (hereafter, referred to as the “ABE Initiative”), a strategic five-year plan providing 1,000 youths in Africa with opportunities to study for Master’s degree at Japanese universities and experience internships at Japanese companies. Prior to the TICAD V, Japanese industries, including the Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN) and the Japanese government, had made a joint recommendation for TICAD V at “Public-Private Council for the Promotion of TICADV”.

These bodies pointed out that there is a need for human resource development in both private and public sectors of Africa in order to cultivate a strong human network between Japan and Africa. The recommendation also mentioned the significance of increasing the number of African people visiting Japan, as well as increasing awareness among Africans regarding the efficiency of Japanese technologies and systems of companies. The ABE Initiative was launched based on this recommendation.

JICA has been appointed to implement a master’s degree and internship program within the ABE Initiative framework developed for countries whose official requests have been approved by the Government of Japan.


  • The objective of the ABE Initiative Master’s Degree and Internship Program is to support young personnel who can be a “Navigator” for contributing to the development of industries in Africa. This program offers opportunities for young African men and women to study at master’s courses at Japanese universities as international students (hereafter, referred to as “participants”) and experience internships at Japanese companies.
  • The aim is for them to develop effective skills in order for them to contribute to various fields. Beyond acquisition of skills and knowledge, this program also intends to cultivate excellent personnel who can recognize and understand the contexts of Japanese society and systems of Japanese companies. The expected outcome of the program is a network of potential contributors to the development of African industries who will also lead Japanese businesses to engage further in economic activities in Africa.

Candidatos elegíveis

  1. Cidadãos de um dos países africanos da 54
  2. Entre 22 e 39 anos (a partir de abril 1st no ano de sua chegada ao Japão)
  3. Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to at least 16 years of academic background)
  4. Applicants for the category of “Government Officials” and “Educators” are required:
    – to have more than 6 months working experience at their current organizations, and
    – to obtain permission for application and securing reinstatement from their current organizations.
  5. Have adequate English skills both in written and oral communication to complete the master’s course.
  6. Clearly understand the objectives of this program, and to have a strong will to contribute to the industrial development of their home countries as well as to strengthen the linkage between their countries and Japan after returning home.
  7. Os candidatos devem:
    – be in good health condition to complete the program,
    – not receive or plan to receive a scholarship offered by other foreign organizations, and
    – attend the activities on the weekends in unavoidable circumstances (ex. official exam).

Participantes Alvo

Os participantes-alvo são de entre os três tipos de pessoal a seguir.

  1. Pessoas do setor privado
    Jovens que estão ou estarão envolvidos em atividades econômicas no setor privado local, mantendo e desenvolvendo fortes laços com empresas japonesas.
  2. Funcionários governamentais
    Jovens funcionários, como funcionários públicos, que participam da governança e da formulação de políticas, a fim de melhorar as indústrias para cujo desenvolvimento as empresas japonesas podem contribuir, e tem uma recomendação de uma empresa japonesa.
  3. Educadores
    Jovens que são responsáveis ​​por educar nas instituições de Educação Superior e TVET (Educação e Treinamento Técnico e Vocacional) na África, a fim de melhorar a capacitação em indústrias relacionadas, e tem uma recomendação de uma empresa japonesa.

*Since the start of the initiative, the number of woman participants has been limited. Woman participants are encouraged to apply for the program.

Application Documents for FY2019

Para maiores informações:

Visit the Official Webpage of the African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative) 2019


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